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Pond Study

Pond Study

Matt (see picture) from Jones Fish & Lake Management was at the club Wed. afternoon for our pond survey which lasted 2 hrs. Matt had done satellite work on our pond before getting there and he, Tony & I did a complete walk around to see everything visible and study the water, rocks and trees in and around the pond. We mentioned our stockings over the last 7 yrs. and the structure we added 6 yrs ago and what structure we're planning on putting in the Spring of 2014. I'll also give him our fish recordings over the last few yrs along with the actual kept & released data supplied by our membership. He'll take all that data and come up with recommendations to make our fishery better. He'll review our limits and length requirements and make suggestions there if need be. He believes we've done a fine job on stocking and structure that we done previously and thinks our water is in great shape especially with the wind that keeps our pond regenerating oxygen. He thinks most of his suggestions will be relatively easy through stocking and adding more structure without needing any type of aeration the way our pond is situated. As soon as those suggestions come in we'll contact the board and the pond & grounds committee to figure out a plan for 2014. This morning (10/24/13) I compiled a complete listing of all structure & stockings we've done since 2006 and gave him our fish recordings and did a full count of fish released vs kept according to our membership records for 2011 - 2013. Once we received Matt's recommendations we'll get those out to all board & pond & ground committee Members and have a meeting to discuss his suggestions and draw up a possible plan for 2014.


Findlay Fishing Club’s Yearly membership includes:

Paid member & spouse with children or grandchildren through the age of 17.
Card carrying Members must be present for children or grandchildren to be at the pond and Members are required to carry their cards at all times!

Minimum age requirement for membership is 21 and must be approved by the Board of Directors

memberships cost $100. and run from Jan. 1st – Dec. 31st

Half year memberships are available but ONLY run from July 1st through Dec. 31st and cost is $50.

Daily fishing regulations are per membership
Therefore your entire membership can only catch what’s listed as daily limits on the back of your membership card per day.

Guests are exactly that, a guest that a member has invited to fish with them for a day and that guest is required to pay a $10. fee.

Payment & registration is to be done when entering the club’s property at the sign in area where the fish recordings are done.
All guests fish on a CATCH & RELEASE BASIS ONLY! The F.F.C. member MUST BE PRESENT for his guest to fish on club’s property.

All Members are to record their visits and their catches because the club monitors visits and catches to see how our fishery is doing.
Those records are used to determine our fish stockings each year.

All Members are to close and lock the gate behind them at all times when entering or leaving our property.

Findlay Fishing Club Daily Limits

*Daily fish limits are limited to membership only-NOT PER PERSON*
Any limits listed below are to be considered Daily Family Limits

Any Bass, Catfish, Striped Bass, or Walleye
MUST BE at least 12" LONG-Limit of 6 PER DAY
Any Crappie or Perch
MUST BE at least 8" LONG-Limit of 10 PER DAY
Any Bluegill
MUST BE at least 6" LONG-Limit of 20 PER DAY

No balloon fishing or netting of any type.

Any undersized fish are to be returned to the pond IMMEDIATELY.
Please have your membership card available for verification at ALL TIMES-NO EXCUSES

Before leaving, Members are to record the number & species of fish caught or released in our Fish Recording Binder at the shed at the sign in area. Guests are to register their catch under the acconpanying member's name. Daily limits are not per individual but combine for family and/or guests. These recordings are important in establishing are stocking procedures and for the Board of Directors to keep track of how are fish are doing.

Please Record Your Visits!


Members can bring guests, however the cost of the fish we stock has gone up very high. So the guest fee had to go up and is now set at $10.00 per day per guest. The same guest can only visit 2 times in the year.

If they wish to fish here more often then they must join the club.

Remember other clubs do not allow guests at all. There is additional information in the Club Application Packet that you will receive from Melissa Warren.

There are membership forms available at the sign in area at the shed. Forms will be found under the fish recordings book.

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